Lennie Smalls Ambition

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Throughout history, when life becomes tough, people turn to aspirations as a coping mechanism. In John Steinbeck’s OF MICE AND MEN, Lennie Smalls and George Milton believe they have a bright future, during dreadful times of the Great Depression, because they have a dream. They have been migrant workers for a good portion of their lives, and decide they need a change. They don’t want to work for anyone else, rather have their own land. Although George and Lennie believe their ambition is well planned, they soon realize their dream is only up to fate. Lennie and George have been constantly on the run, and want to settle down. They want to buy their own piece of land, where no boss can kick them out. When it rains, they want to be able to stay inside and not have to worry about working. Lennie is also very pleased with their goal because he will tend the rabbits. Lennie is obsessed with soft feeling objects, which later leads him into trouble. Besides an aim, George and Lennie also have a great plan of how to make their hope come true.…show more content…
All the men in the bunkhouse feared Lennie, and Curley wanted Lennie dead. Lennie always liked Curley’s wife so when she offered to feel her hair, Lennie immediately said yes. Once Lennie felt her hair, he could not let go because it was too soft, and strangled her to death. Lennie knew what he did was wrong, but did not know the consequences that followed. George had to kill Lennie instead of the other guys dealing with Lennie. Without the other main benefactor to the dream, George realized that he would never be anything but a migrant worker. “ The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”, Robert Burns’ TO A MOUSE. The title of the book comes from this quote, which means no matter how carefully a project is planned, something can always go wrong. George believed his plans were going to be successful but he learned that seldom are dreams
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