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2/6/10 English 9 Honors Lord of the Flies Thesis The Truth In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies a group of school boys from England are stranded on a deserted island where they learn about the evil of man’s heart. Simon, although very shy, is the symbol of light and truth, a Christ- figure. Even though he has a medical condition involving periodic fainting, he gives the others hope in the darkest of times and always tells the truth. Simon overcomes many terrors while on the island, but the things he cannot conquer is his periodic fainting, shyness, and the perceptions the others have about him. Simon is asked if he believes in the beast at the meeting that was called after Samneric see the beast: “You, Simon? You believe in…show more content…
Simon helps the others in all sorts of different ways. When the ship passes by the island Ralph is angry and hopeless: “Simon put out his hand, timidly, to touch Ralph…” (67). Simon is trying to comfort Ralph in his time of need. Ralph is afraid that they’ll never get off the island and that the ship was their only chance Simon know that they’ll get off and even says it when Ralph is longing for home: “You’ll get back to where you come from” (111). This quote tells how Simon knows Ralph will get back and is trying to give Ralph some hope in this dark time of depression. This statement also implies that Simon knows Ralph, himself, will get back home. Simon has no fear when it comes to the Beast because his gut feeling tells him that it is only the boys: “However Simon thought of the Beast, there rose before his inward sight the picture of a human once heroic and sick” (103). Simon thinks that the beast is the inner demons of themselves. He believes that if they want to find out what it is they should go towards it instead run away this one fact sets him apart from the rest of the tribe, it also gives him this fearlessness that none of the other boys have. When everyone is afraid to go back to Piggy and the littluns Simon volunteers: “Simon pushed his way to Ralph’s elbow. ‘I’ll go if you like. I don’t mind honestly’” (117). His fearlessness shines through and reveals that he is not afraid of the beast. The fear the others have does not hold Simon back from doing the right thing. Simon goes off by himself and sees Jack kill the sow and put the head on the stick as an offering to the beast, after this he has a vision that the pig’s head is talking to him as the Lord of the
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