A Comparison Of George In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Throughout the novel, George is presented in a few different ways and has a mixed personality. This continually affects the readers opinion of him. In this essay, I am going to write about how George is presented throughout the novel and how this affects the readers opinion of him. Throughout the novel, George has been looking after Lennie and has always had his best interests at heart. George may do things to Lennie which Lennie finds "mean", like alaways taking away dead mice from him, but unlike Lennie, the reader can understand why he does this. If the mouse's body was infected, then it would do damage to Lennie as the mouse "ain't fresh". This clearly shows that George cares about Lennie. George also cares about Lennie physically and can't stand to see him hurt, as he tell Lennie to "get him [Curley]" when Curley is attacking him, and also immediatly defends Lennie when Curley verbally attacks him - "Lennie didn't do nothing to him". All of this shows that George is a caring person who is loyal to Lennie and can't stand to see him bullied or hurt. The reader respects George for this as they understand how hars it must be for George. However, we also see that George has an aggressive side. He frequently snaps at Lennie - "George exploded." and often threatens to "sock" him. We also learn that George used to be a bad person…show more content…
When George claims that he "goes nuts" when thinking of the time he could be without Lennie. This clearly hurts Lennie as he will offer to go and find a cave and leave George to be free. However, George counteracts this as he is also presented as a sorrow and thoughtful character when George admits that "I have been mean". This shows that George sometimes regrets his harsh words, which makes the reader forgive him for sometimes being cruel to Lennie. George even gets Lennie a "pup" for being mean to
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