How Do Owen and Frost Present Loss in “Disabled” and “Out, Out”

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The title for the poem “out, out” by Robert Frost comes from a scene in Shakespeare’s Macbeth talking about the shortness of life after Macbeth’s wife has died. In this poem a boy is cutting wood when his sister calls him for dinner. He drops the saw, and cuts off his hand. This results in his death by heart failure as he couldn’t come to terms that he had no hand. Frost uses many techniques such as personification, onomatopoeia, assonance and alliteration. In both poems, the poets use an omniscient narrator. This allows the reader to know the feelings of all characters, which we would not of had we been in a first or second person narrator. However, during the poem, frost changes from a third to first person narrator. This change highlights the realisation of the situation of the boy. This change in narrator also adds opinion to the poem and changes the view on the poem. Before this change, the reader felt detached from the events but this change introduces a judgmental character, enveloping the reader. Owen keeps a third person, omniscient narrator throughout; however, he does not lose out on the emotions of the characters In Frosts ‘Out, out’, the boy’s feelings are mainly dominated by desperation whereas in ‘Disabled’ the soldier undergoes a period of regret and remorse. His reasons were, ‘someone saying he’d look a god in kilts’ and to ‘please his Meg’. The reader is given the impression that his mind is still dazed from his experiences hence the disorderly thoughts. The war had caused him damage both mentally and physically and this raises poignancy. For instead of just disabling him, it has mentally affected him, hindering him from dreaming those dreams when he had ‘no fears of Fear’ and was ‘drafted out with drums and cheers.’ Moreover there is a more personal feel in his reminiscences as he takes the audience into his past and now to his present, he is

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