On The Waterfront Conscience Analysis

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Hi my name is James. And my name is Tom. In the film “On the Waterfront” directed by Elia Kazan, we are able to see how many of the characters battle with their conscience on deciding what is right and wrong which is demonstrated through filming techniques, costume and setting. The first instance of the debate between right and wrong is with the film being displayed in black and white. This shows the distinction between the battle of right and wrong and how characters are either on one side or the other. Terry’s is influenced by his conscience throughout the film such as; when Joey Doyle is thrown off the roof, he thinks it’s unnecessary and that the guys were just going to talk to him but he trusts Johnny that it was the right decision. Another instance where Terry’s conscience effects his decisions is where he gives the tokens to Edie as he feels empathic of her brother and the damage he helped instigated. The sides of right and wrong are clearly…show more content…
This shows that Edie is influencing Terry’s conscience and transference of her righteousness or the reawakening of his conscience. Also another indication of Edie’s influence on Terry’s conscience is when she says: “He acts tough, but there’s a look in his eyes.” Edie’s costume represents her morality and how she is on the good side and that she is constantly doing the right thing. Joey’s jacket is also used to show that the person owning it ready to testify against the mob and stand against them. Setting is a major technique used to show conscience in the film smoke is commonly used throughout the film to represent how unclear Terry is of himself and what he should do. This occurs in the scene where Terry is talking to Edie in the park and death of Joey is brought up, the smoke enters as though Terry is not sure whether to tell Edie what he knows about the death of

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