Smoking Is A Matter Of Money

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Smoking is always a relevant subject, and about the price is always discussion. The authorities are planned to make cigarettes more expensive then they already are. Lots of people agree with this plan because they think it will help a lot of people to stop smoking or never begin to smoke. Is money really a big factor for the smokers or is this plan just to make more money. This essay is about this discussion if Smoking is a matter of Money. Changing the price of cigarettes could have negative consequences on smokers, especially young people. They can not quit if the do not want to quit and if the price change your minded does not suddenly change. So if the do not have enough money anymore a consequence could be criminal behave. Finding other ways to get money for cigarettes or get cigarettes and that is not something that they want to reach with the plan. First the people who are already addicted to smoke, of course they do not like to pay more for the same price but if you are addicted to something It matters if you want to stop. If you only would stop because of the money you are not going to make it. There are people who would stop if they make the price higher.. but it would be a little part of the addicted smokers. The price can make a difference for people who want to start smoking, especially young people. Maybe the money factor is the little thing that will keep them from the cigarettes. I say maybe because what matters is if people in there environment smoke, friends, family, it is all curiosity and being cool. So the price is not really a big issue. I think that the solution to this problem should be combinated. Of course you can use price as a factor to quit or not to begin. If you do it with campaigns so people realise that there is a better use for there money and make them afraid of things that happen with your body. Show people

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