Pros And Cons Of E-Cigarettes Essay

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One of the largest controversial subjects today is the debate on e-cigarettes and regular use of tobacco products (cigarettes). There have been many individuals that have decided to try these e-cigarettes to see if it would help them quit smoking traditional cigarettes. When an individual wants to quit smoking there are many ways that this can be done which include laying the cigarettes down and never picking them back up, going to a physician to see if medication would help or nicotine patches. However, with a lot of individuals it sometimes makes things more difficult than better. One thing that may make this difficult is the medication to help one quit smoking, For example, a medication that is sometimes used is Chantix. Medication…show more content…
A couple of pros for e-cigarettes includes saving money and less of a health risk. A few cons when talking about the debate of e-cigarettes includes governmental regulation and battery issues with some devices (which can be a major health care concern). Saving money is a huge discussion when talking about e-cigarettes, in many cases individuals may decide to try an e-cigarette because of the amount of money that can be saved over traditional cigarettes. If an individual went directly to using an e-cigarette, the start up cost can be a little pricey but can save an individual so much money. There is a huge possibility that an individual that has decided to use e-cigarettes could save close to $2,000 a year however this would depend on the amount of e liquid, batteries and accessories that are purchased through out the year. For example, one may purchase a complete kit which can cost close to $20.00 and the only thing left to buy would be the e-juice. However, the e-juice can be as low as $3.99 all the way up to $30.00 this would be a personal preference and would depend on what the individual is looking

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