Smokers and Non-Smokers

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Smoker and Non- Smokers What is your opinion about Smokers and Non- smokers? Many people have different opinions about smoking. Non- smokers do not like the smell of smoke or the fact that some people do smoke. My opinion on smokers differs in many different ways; I have many different thoughts about smoking. In my opinion people who are smokers choose to be smokers. We do not make people smoke they pick it up themselves. People begin and continue smoking for many reasons. Some people choose to smoke because they believe it is a stress reliever. Other people chose to smoke because the people around them smoke, and the people whom are exposed to this behavior tend to follow the trends. Many people try to stay away from others that smoke for many reasons. First, is the fact that smoke makes your clothes smell and hands smell, and many other things on your body seem to smell after a smoking. Non- smokers have an issue with the people that smoke. Personally, I believe that people who smoke have every right to do what they want; just like the people who decide not to smoke. Non- smokers are the people who are very opinionated when it comes to talking about people that smoke. Some that do not smoke dislike the people that smoke, for the simple fact that some whom do smoke sometime have a smoke smell to them, and some smoke around people which makes them smell like smoke and that’s why I believe that people that do not smoke dislike the people that do smoke. Non- smokers sometime are very ugly when it comes to people smoking around them, because they do not want to smell like smoke nor do those want to have the smell of smoke around them so they don’t have to breathe smoke. Smokers are the people who fill as if no one wants them around because they smoke. In many places Smokers are not aloud to smoke at all. Personally in all honesty they have every right to smoke
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