Slang Words Essay

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RESEARCH PAPER Teenagers Nowadays with Their New “Slang” Words INDONESIA UNIVERSTY OF EDUCATION 2010 Introduction Communication is, after all, not what language is, but (a part of) what it does (Bickerton, 1990). We use language to communicate every single day in our daily life. There are so many languages in this world from a various place and various people. Slang is a controversial topic nowadays, and debate on its definition, classification and linguistic relevance is still heated (Mattiello, 2008). In Indonesia, and maybe some other country there is slang language. Slang language or slang words usually use or created by teenagers. Teenagers use slang language in their spoken or written language, often time when they are talking to their friend trough phone, sms, twitter, facebook, and many more. They think that formal language is boring and so “robotic”, not expressive. So they created something different, unusual and more fun. The study that I will do, involved a group of college students that think they are cool and very modern. This slang language is a very interesting issue. Bahasa as we know is the main language that we all use everyday, but after we explore more, turns out that there is so many variation in Bahasa, like slang language in teenagers language. Research Question : 1. How teenagers created new slang words? 2. When do they use it? 3. Why do they use it? Abstract The purpose of this paper is to investigate the language that often use by teenagers nowadays. Teenagers nowadays usually use slang language in their daily life, which creates many new languages to communicate each other. I explore and find out how they find the new words, why they use the words, and when. The study employed a qualitative research design, embracing characteristics of a case study and some extent program evaluation. The data were will be
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