Skinny Models and Their Affect on Body Image

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Nowadays, Corpse-like models float down the catwalk, their faces are deprived of personality. Their collarbones are so protruding, they appear as if they are about to pierce open through their skin. Their tendons like ropes manage to keep their heads above their child-like shoulders and their arms look so fragile - almost snappable like a twig. And it's these models that are the coat hangers for consumers like us. What they wear, is what we want. We feel the need to look exactly how they are depicted to us and this is how models and the media affect body image – the most significant concern in young females in contemporary society. These skinny models project negative and false expectations of what girls are meant to look like at such a young age where their biggest concern should be their education. Beauty is positioned as the paragon of most teenage girls lives, and this is what causes many common problems to evolve around their lives, particularly eating disorders. Luisel Ramos is an example of a particular model who suffered from an eating disorder only wanting to be accepted into the modelling industry. For 3 months she ate nothing but shades of green on her dinner plate and drank diet coke. But after stepping off the catwalk from a national fashion show, Ramos collapsed and died of heart failure. She was the ultimate fashion. It's disturbing to think that girls like you and me are doing this to their bodies simply because of what is portrayed in magazines like vogue and fashion catalogues. Media targeting teenage girls, like you and me, are emphasising the ideal of thinness as beauty. The media and fashion industry in my viewpoint are pushing a dangerously thin image that young girls may try to emulate. The promotion of the thin, sexy ideal in our culture has created a situation where the majority of girls and women don't like their bodies. This then leads

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