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Simple Stimulus Learning Essay

  • Submitted by: acontreras32007
  • on November 21, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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Simple Stimulus Learning
April A. Contreras
PSY 550
September 5, 2011
Dr. Thomas Pourchot

Simple Stimulus Learning
      Learning is a process that is taken since birth.   For the most part, learning is based on habituation because it is a matter of adapting to new sounds, climates, or surroundings.   Another good way to learn is by perceptual learning.   Identifying a new task, visual stimuli, discriminating stimuli, and finding the positive and negative effects of the stimuli also helps the learning process.   However, people and animals prefer to learn with familiar stimuli than with unfamiliar stimuli.   Regardless, with what stimulus one uses to learn, learning will take place.
      Habituation Learning
      Habituation is the decrease in the response to a stimulus after such stimulus has been presented repetitively. It is a matter of getting used to or accustomed to the new stimulus or surroundings.   For instance, if a person is coming from a quiet neighborhood and moving to a busy street.   At first the person will have a difficult time falling asleep at night because of all the noise and the busy street, but after a few nights of this the person will adapt to the noise outside.   With a matter of time, the noise on the busy street will become a regular noise and routine for the person.   Another example of habituation is becoming accustomed to a new time zone or waking up at a certain time.   For instance, when a someone begins a new job and he or she has not been employed before or his or her schedule has changed to an earlier time, the person would need to accustomed to the new time.   At first he or she will be tired and feel lazy, however after repeating this new routine and waking up earlier, him or her will become adjusted to the new time.
      The Affect of Perceptual Learning
      Perceptual learning is information obtained from practicing or experience.   Perceptual learning can also occur under unattended and passive sensory stimulation....

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