Similarities Between Italy And Northern European Renaissance

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Renaissance Comparison Essay The indication of Italian culture and rebirth from the medieval era began with the transformations that transpired throughout the Italian Renaissance. Society was shifting and the modern world was at its beginning. Italian values and characteristics were transferred out of Italy and into Europe created the Northern European Renaissance this was the renaissance activity that was identified outside of Italy. “Renaissance” is a French word meaning “rebirth.” The Renaissance period started in the early 14th century and continued into late 16th century. This era is known and studied for great cultural changes, literature, art, music, and successes in Europe. It is also known as the modern age. During the early 14th century, Italian professors began studying Greek and Roman cultures that paved the…show more content…
Italy developed and succeeded through city-state power, whereas nobility controlled Northern Europe. The arts were supported in Italy, but in Northern Europe the arts were financed by the church and monarchs. The art of the Italian Renaissance and the Northern European Renaissance was bright and natural. Italian artists were more inclined to work on sculptures, architecture, and paintings. Northern European artists produced art through tapestries, manuscripts, and furniture. This type of art was needed because the wealthy had many homes and they needed decorations and furniture for their homes. Italian and Northern European Renaissance generated Literature related to humanity and individuals. The Italians studied the knowledge of how man determined how to be a respectable individual. Northern European Literature focused more on the Catholic Church and how to reform the Church’s humanity. Even though they both wanted to see a transformation in the Catholic Church, Northern Europe was more involved with the transformation of
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