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University of Phoenix | Renaissance Comparison Essay Individual Week 7 Assignment | Shayna MM Briiton 6/24/2012 | June 24, 2012 The Italian and Northern Renaissance During the Italian Renaissance, Italy itself went through many changes. The renaissance brought on individualism, economic expansion and stability. During the early stages of the Italian Renaissance Florence, Italy was the center of attention (sort of speak). One family dominated the early times and helped place Florence at the epicenter for all forms of art. The Medici family came in to power by establishing banks all over Europe. They also built the first public libraries, where everyone could read and enjoy all literary arts as well as other forms of arts. People would travel to Florence to read the scrolls and view the artworks, and because of this many scrolls were being translated in to other languages for others to read. From there the first printed and copied books were created. During the early part of the Italian Renaissance the architecture began to change as well. Instead of continuing the same style of the Gothic architecture from the middle ages, architect Filippo Brunelleschi combined the style of the dome and pointed arches to create a cathedral dome, which resembled a lantern shape. Another change or evolution of…show more content…
During this time major artists still continued the same influences as their predecessors during the early times of the Italian Renaissance. The artists thrived, such as: Leonardo Da Vinci who was known for his ‘The Last Supper,’ and ‘Mona Lisa’. Raphael Santi, who was mainly known for his ‘Marriage of the Virgin,’ was also known for his paintings that can be found throughout the Vatican. Michelangelo Buonarroti, who was known for his many sculptures, is also known for the ceiling painting of the Sistine Chapel in the

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