Sicko Essay

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Worksheet for the movie Sicko Bioethics This worksheet is worth 50 points total. 1. List at least 3 ways people can lose their health insurance coverage. (5 pts.) Pre existing condition, not paying their dues, and if they didn’t fully inform the company of their medical past. 2. Discuss how and when our current system of HMO’s came into existence. Discuss who benefits and how politics plays a role. (5 pts.) Nixon liked the idea of Edgar Kaiser’s hospital and insurance company. Politicians get paid to vote and promote privatized health care. 3. How do for profit health insurance companies make decisions about which treatments they will and will not cover? (5 pts.) Cost efficient treatments. They will claim some treatments were still experimental. 4. What incentives are added for Doctors to make a not for profit health system effective? Add 3 ideas of your own. (5 pts.) The healthier they made their patients the bigger the bonus they would get. If hospital stays weren’t as expensive, doctors could be on call 24/7 for peoples’ needs as in doctors on wheels, and another idea making medicinal needs cheaper. 5. Compare and contrast for profit systems and not for profit systems. What are the pluses and minuses of each? Which do you think would come closest to addressing the gap between the rich and poor and increase access to health care? (10 pts.) For Profit The health care advisers were getting paid more for finding instances where someone would not be able to get health insurance or to terminate the person’s health insurance. Not for profit They care for patients and not their wallets. They do not try to exclude patients based on it. They also get paid more by the amount of patients they make healthier not by finding technacalities. Not for profit
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