Should Males Exsit

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Should Males Exsit While it is true that many species don't need to have males in order to reproduce. Males are needed in the animal kingdom when it comes to mammals. Males are needed to help prevent genetic disorders and to add verity to the species. All females need to have testosterone to balance out the estrogen levels in their bodies. With an all female society how would the jobs requiring upper body strength get their employees. What would architecture and construction become? Would society be better off without males? The military forces are made up of eighty to ninety percent males. How would nations protect themselves? Ridley states “The hosts need to change their genes regularly if they are to stay a step ahead” ( 226). he is referring to staying ahead of diseases and parasites. This also allows the for the species to develop a stronger immunity system. This makes a species stronger and more resistant to disease. Without the male genes the human species would collapse from disease and death. Most of the doctors and surgeons who cure the human body from diseases are men. The image of a doctor that comes to mind is that of a man. The symbol of strength for a species has always been the male body. The iconic development of the female body and today's image of beauty come from the male side of the species. Ridley states that “Women would not have these features if men had not been picking on them for such a long time” (228). Men choose a women based on a few external features. Wide hips have been a symbol of fertility since the beginning of the human species. The wider a females hips are the more likely she is to be fertile. The human image of beauty would not have been born if it were not for the males. Our social media, magazines and clothing are all targeting the female figure with wide hips. We idealize the female form as the symbol of beauty.
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