Women Of "Sweat", And T"He Yellow Wallpaper"

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Women have always been thought of as the less domineering sex. All through history females have fought the stereotypes of being simple housewives with no greater use then producing babies and maintaining a household. This repression, combined with the social systems of years past has lead woman to feel inferior and naturally acquire an internal dependency toward the males in their lives who are viewed as superior. Many notable characters in literature have carried out the role of this inferior spouse and are no doubt created from the hostility of oppression women have felt for hundreds of years. We see two of these characters in Delia from Zora Neale Hurston’s story “Sweat” and John’s wife in Charlotte Perkins Gillman’s story “The Yellow Wallpaper”. The male dominators in these stories are clearly driven by their necessity to control and feel superior, leaving their spouses feeling trapped and suppressed but yet still holding on to a faint glimpse of loyalty and love they feel for their oppressors. It is a natural ambition to want to have control and authority in your life. The problem we sometimes encounter is that this comes at the expense of another person. Men like John from “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Sykes from “Sweat” are examples of how this typically happens, especially in marriage. For years men have been raised to believe they are stronger and better than females, this is not to say that woman have not done their share in allowing this type of behavior. So when the need for control and superiority arises in the male-who easier to fulfill that need then your submissive, inferior spouse? Even though John and Skyes have different means of controlling their spouses, Skyes being both mentally and physically abusive and John being psychologically abusive, they both radiate the typical domineering male. John’s feelings of superiority do not allow him

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