Lack Of Optimism In Criminal Justice

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I feel quite privileged to inhabit a world that is fast changing in all living respects. I agree, though, it is hard to keep up sometimes. Many even left behind in the rat race. But this high spirited age has paved the path for major modifications. It has motioned an upbringing of ideas that have knocked out the primitive and the pertinently worthless. So can I safely say now that a phenomenon like gender differences and biases is a fact of yesteryears? The validity of this questionable assumption heavily rests on value laden judgments more than objective facts. The choice ultimately is to walk in hand with either one or fuse them into a cocktail of dualistic reality. Christening my opinions collectively as the forward force, I appeal…show more content…
I know there is every possibility (if not more) of being a victim to a sexual crime. But my woes will now be heard. More than that, it will be processed; be it through a judicial system or via an attempt at social reformation. And this impact will slowly but surely initiate the real and permanent changes; the kind that have been long awaited. Now my potential rapist would think twice in the lines of a potential capital punishment or public exposure, courtesy the…show more content…
I am not oblivious to the flip side. I very well know that being a single mother is still much tougher and less marveled than being a single dad. A woman no longer a virgin is no longer marriage material. Hence gynaecologists are making bundles through “re-stitching” her hymen!! Too many women have internalized archaic adherence so well that they turn against their own kind. Women, in fact, are far more rigid in compliance with the said social sanctions than men, the actual beneficiaries. This is why female foeticide still makes it in the front pages. That is why mothers feel the greater responsibility in the nurturance of the offspring. “A feminist is most likely to be a lesbian. And lesbians are born out of an abusive childhood past”, this is what a ten year old would gather from a movie like Girlfriend. And when I make these sweeping statements, I don’t make the implication that men are responsible. Not solely, at least. The fairer sex, as they say, is the other hand that claps together to applaud the

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