Summary: From Eugenics To The Emancipation Of Women

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Birth Control: From Eugenics to the Emancipation of Women Sterilization and birth control was originally a way to prevent the “pure” stock of a country from being tainted or overrun by those deemed unfit to reproduce. Margaret Sanger was a woman who believed that it was a woman’s job to have the liberty to choose to reproduce, and to only give birth when it contributed to the remaking of the intelligent world. Sanger is for birth control because she believes that it fits the woman’s reproductive right and is the only way for her to really be free. In the early twentieth century, eugenic ideals got people to believe that individuals with traits that were abnormal compared to what was desirable were a threat to society.…show more content…
Poor families would often be ridden with venereal diseases from the parents’ choice of multiple sex partners, and would also contain multiple children who were not able to be properly taken care of. This flux of illegitimate children and the poverty that was linked to it sparked life into the idea of preserving the stock that was still “clean” and “pure”. While Sanger understands that women mostly did not…show more content…
She blames men for giving them the place in society but also puts it on women’s shoulders by saying, “Only in recent years has woman's position as the gentler and weaker half of the human family been emphatically and generally questioned. Men assumed that this was woman's place; woman herself accepted it”4. She does begin to display some energy for what could change minds of women that accepted their submissive role in society. “Since they were given the role, women have still rallied and protested to rights of men. Despite the winning of voting, property and working rights, they have accomplished nothing relative to their vital factors of their existence”.5 Her belief is that they are there to lead the movements of bettering society by voluntarily bringing in only those who are fit to undo the wrong that they have allowed to come about. Repaying this debt that they owe to society for their ignorance of birth control and “unproductive reproduction” is that vital factor to their existence. The main idea is that women are to assume a new place in society where men do not dictate them when it comes to controlling who they bring into the world, because of the social evils that are susceptible to arise as a

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