Citizen Kane Essay

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Through its portrayal of human experience, Welles’ Citizen Kane reinforces the significance of perseverance. To what extent does your interpretation of Citizen Kane support this view? Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane tells the story of a flawed man whose thirst for power and love lead to his lonesome demise. This portrayal of a common human experience has much to teach the audience about the significance or perseverance, or more importantly when to give up as Charles Kane’s stubborn persistence to attain his goals was the thing that caused him to lose them. This can be inferred by an examination of Kane’s goals, his motivation for his goals and then looking at the choices Kane makes to persevere and how they affect his future. Thompson provides an interesting contrast as a man who perseveres with a task but understands practical limits Throughout the film it is made abundantly clear that Kane is after two things in life; love and power. He desires all forms of love: platonic love, romantic love and the love of the people. This love of the people is connected to his need for power and control over those who love him. Both Emily and Susan are expected to love Kane, but both become alienated by his coldness and lack of personal sacrifice. He expects Leland to provide him with platonic or fraternal love but is disappointed when Leland draws attention to his flaws. He fights for the love of the people in his quest to be governor but fails because he wants to control them and “tells them what to think”. Interestingly, it is his need for power and control that undermines his attainment of love as in all cases his refusal to give up “something he really cares about” to any of these people. When Leland and Kane toast to “love on [Kane’s] terms” the use of financial jargon like terms illuminates Kane’s misunderstanding of love attainment; He believes he can buy it, rather than
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