The Pearl -John Steinback (reflection)

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The Pearl written by John E. Steinbeck is a literary creation that intensely portrays substance of avarice in human being. The protagonist in the novel, Kino, often feels displeasure due to the lack of education in his life and the gulf between the rich and poor in the society. The stern realities of life make Kino unable to find a solution for his misery until his miraculous discovery of ‘the Pearl of the World.’ The pearl in this novel is depicted as a reflection of human being and shows two different sides of human: purity and vileness. The uncolored parable about affluence and the evil it can bring put an ultimate question to the readers: what is real happiness? Since Kino is a victim of a society that is plagued by injustice and discrimination, he dreams of a brighter future for his family. By discovering the pearl, Kino sees the light of hope and plans to do what he has desired for—especially supporting his son, Coyotito’s education. He once again became conscious of the need for knowledge when people try to cheat him in order to get his pearl. Obsessed by his dream, Kino is blind to the greed and some of his fears were rooted from his paranoia and insecurity about his situation. As if ‘the Pearl of the World’ is a mirror, Kino finds himself in the pearl and realizes that too much of his greed made his ambition frivolous. The pearl not only reflects the protagonist in the novel, but also people in today’s society. The surface of the flawless, beautiful pearl shined brightly and fascinated people, yet its inside looked somber and sinister. People in today’s society are ‘the Pearl of the World.’ Their heart is pure; it dreams and sketches their goal on a white piece of paper. Their hands are vile; they do anything to reach their goal and even become blind to the greed obsessed by their dream. The most essential fact does not come to their mind since their

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