Should Illegal Immigrants Leave America Essay

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Illegal Immigrants and Why They Need to Leave America One of the most prominent and controversial issues facing Americans in their everyday lives is that of illegal immigration. There are many factors that go into the issue of illegal immigration, these include what laws should be passed, whether immigration should be illegal or not, and putting a stop to the number of illegal immigrants who enter into the United States. Every year, this issue becomes more controversial, with more Americans losing their jobs to those who are not legal citizens, merely because the employer can pay the illegal immigrant less. It has become evident that something most be done in order to stop the problem of illegal immigration into the United States of America. Every year the number of illegal immigrants crossing the borders of the United States grows. In the 1990’s over 1.3 million legal and illegal immigrants crossed the border into the U.S. Since then 3.3 million additional legal and illegal immigrants have entered the U.S. and the numbers keep increasing. The United States Census Bureau believes that immigration will cause the population of the U.S. to increase from a present 288 million to 400 million people in less than fifty years. Over 30 million immigrants have made the United States their home from the 1970’s to the present. There are not very…show more content…
The most common issue with illegal immigrants is American’s losing their jobs. According to the Census Bureau, “Between March 2000 and 2004, the number of unemployed adult United States citizens has increased by 2.3 million, while the number of employed adult immigrants increased by 2.3 million,” (Camarota, 2004). Employers sometimes lay off United States citizens to cut back on pay. This causes many Americans to lose jobs every day. “Half of the 2.3 million increase in immigrant employment since 2000 is estimated to be from illegal immigration,” (Camarota,

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