Home Depot Financial Summary

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Accounts Payable Home depot reported its January 31, 2010 accounts payable at $4,863,000 and on January 30, 2011 the same was reported the following fiscal year at $4,717,000. There is a loss of ($-146,000) which possibly indicates the repayment of construction loans, now that Home Depot now operates over 2,000 retail locations with 1,976 in the USA, 179 stores in Canada, 85 stores in Mexico and 8 stores in China. (Home Depot, 2011). Total Current Liabilities The total current liabilities for the home depot organization in January 31, 2010 was reported at $10,363,000 and the same was reported the following fiscal year on in January 30, 2011 at $10,122,000, once again there is a decrease from 2010 to 2011. Two Largest Current Liabilities…show more content…
Home Depot reported its AS&RE liability in fiscal year 2010 ending at $1,263,000 dollars and OAE liability ending fiscal year reported $1,589,000. The subsequent year AS&RE fiscal year ending reported $1,290,000 and the OAE listed it fiscal year endings at $$1,515,000. The AS&RE liability increased by $27,000 from 2010 to 2011 this is a direct reflection of Home Depot’s employment of over 300,000 associates worldwide. (Home Depot, 2011). Total Liabilities Home Depot reported its total liabilities for the ending fiscal year 2010 at $21,484,000, and the following year 2011 reported a fiscal year ending total of $21,236,000. There is a decrease in the total liabilities category as well, totaling ($-248,000). Overall Home Depot has been able to decrease the liabilities associated with operating within the home improvements industry by reducing re-supply times, and organizing rapid deployment centers to service customers and retail locations in more efficient and effective

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