Argumentative Essay On Elderly Drivers

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Ryan Michalek Professor Roth Habit WRT 101-03 3/30/12 Argumentative Essay Should Elderly Drivers be Re-Tested? The re-testing of drivers is a huge controversial subject. Many elderly people reach a point when they start to lose their hearing and vision. This could be a potential danger issue that can cause a high number of accidents. Another issue is reaction time. Many older drivers do lose reaction time, which is a potential threat to drivers and pedestrians around them. They should be tested not only to protect themselves but everyone around them. Both a road test and a knowledge test should be taken again. Also a vision and hearing test to ensure the person is qualified to drive. A law for testing would create a huge effect on safety. Older drivers lose their sense of speed and…show more content…
He has to be the worst driver on the planet. My grandpa has terrible vision and also uses a hearing aid. The only time he recognizes that he is over the yellow line is when a car beeps at him. He constantly rides up on the curb and always comes to a hard stop because he cannot judge the distance of the stop signs and traffic lights. He causes many dangers to everything around the road, and I know he is not the grandpa that drives poorly like this. If there was a law to be retested, he would definitely be stripped of his license. The best way to help this cause is to create a test so when drovers reach a certain age, let’s say sixty, which they are required to retest for their license. Then From there every five or ten years they must take another test. I do agree that not only elderly people cause these problems but they are one of the larger groups of people that cause danger on the road. Also the drivers aren’t only being tested on their road skills they will have knowledge tests so they are aware of new rules of the road. This will increase road safety and protect both drivers and
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