Should Celebs Be Role Models

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When I watch tv I constantly see celebrities swearing and doing bad or inappropriate things. I think to yourself why do people look up to those celebs? Well it seems to me most celebrities get into these habits because they are too involved in fame and fortune.These people aren’t the ones you would want your children looking up to. They are giving young people unhealthy images of themselves. So today i'm talking to you about should celebrities be role models.So what is a role model? A role model is some you look up to or aspire to be because they are successful in whatever they do. Do you have a role model? I know I do Sonny Bill Williams, why? Because he is one of the best league players in the world not only in league but also rugby. He is probably the most famous cross code player, winning a rugby world cup, two nrl premierships and New Zealand heavyweight boxing champ. I look up to him and aspire to be just like him.There are many bad role model Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan or Chris Brown who have done some very bad things and right now are probably regretting them. They lost most of their fans and probably aren’t going any further in their careers. Most people would feel sorry for them , but I don’t. Its Lindsays fault she got in trouble and had to go to rehab.Also Chris brown beat Rihanna so he shouldn’t be trusted around woman. Its unnecessary for celebrities to act this way.I know I would never want to look up to someone who does drugs , or abuses others, would you?Kids hear this gossip on T.V and follow their paths by doing drugs and copying what they do. So of course I don’t think celebrities should be role models . Yes maybe some celebs should be role models but most of them do this kind of stuff some even do scandals,drugs, affairs Etc. Also why would anyone want their kids doing all this stuff. But not all celebrities do drugs and some are really good
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