Classy Yet Sassy Essay

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Classy, yet Sassy We all remember them: the CHEERLEADERS. The girls who graced themselves throughout the halls in high school; the girls who seemed to be perfect; the girls who every guy wanted and every girl hated and secretly envied. Not everyone likes cheerleaders though. Typical stereotypes of cheerleaders would include: dumb, stupid, evil, demanding, loose, and conceited. Another stereotype would be that cheerleading isn’t a “real” sport. Of course all of these aren’t exactly true; they have stuck to cheerleaders as the years go by. Society displays these stereotypes everywhere, including movies, television shows, commercials, and music. Children are growing up with the ideas that all cheerleaders and jocks are uneducated people. Although stereotypes can provide humor and sarcasm, people should not follow and believe everything they hear about cheerleaders. Stereotypes make us mentally lazy, and we shouldn’t assume traits and qualities about a person if we don’t spend the time to get to know them better. Not all cheerleaders would fit into the common stereotype, and therefore we should cut them slack. Many famous politicians and actors were cheerleaders, including President George W. Bush, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sandra Bullock, and Steve Martin just to name a few. Clearly these individuals are the exceptions. Television shows such as Degrassi and Daria have no shame in stereotyping cheerleaders. In the show Degrassi, Paige Michaelchuck is the Spirit Squad captain. Not only is she attractive and popular, but she also bosses around her boyfriend Spinner and has total control of him. She is also mean and belittles anyone who she thinks is below her status, thus fulfilling the stereotype. In the television show Daria, Brittany Taylor is also the head captain of Lawndale High’s cheer squad. She is a blonde, who has a high pitched voice, and loser

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