Response To Conflict In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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A reaction is simply a response to another event or object, in this case it is our response to conflict and our reaction will always determine the outcome. It would be impossible for it not to, however as conflict is often associated with a negative connotation we immediately think that many will react in a negative way though this is not always the case. Conflict can be inflamed either emotionally or physically.

First of all there are many types of conflicts therefore how we react to them differs. One type of conflict is sexual. Many people react highly irrationally as it involves strong emotions. Often people are full of anger if they find they have been cheated on, or sad if they have to choose between the love of one person or another, also the deep smouldering fire inside full of passion and desire for another person. When you are faced with one aspect of sexual conflict. In the crucible John Proctor is heavily stung by these sexual conflicts as he once gave in to the desire between him and Abigail which impacted on the conflict that arose between Elizabeth
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This can cause instances of mass paranoia and an over reaction of those who have power who are able to influence those beneath them. This is portrayed throughout The Crucible especially when they are scared of any sort of ties with Lucifer. The group of girls which are led under the influence of Abigail Williams, are terribly frightened that ’Abby’ will hurt them if they confess to dancing in the forbidden woods so they accuse many of the community of rash accusations. Unfortunately as the community starts to blindly follow along which was not overly difficult in such a strict puritan community that doesn’t believe in any sort of vain enjoyment. This is how the mass hysteria spread as soon as Abigail released that strong emotions are easily able to manipulate a group of weak minded
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