Should Cars Be More Efficient

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More efficient cars are in high demand due to the high gas prices and also due to the current state of our economy. People are turning to more efficient cars for their pockets and their health. Not only will a more efficient car save you a lot of money in gasoline purchases, but you will also be doing your part in preserving the environment too. The environment and pollution levels are very important when you are thinking of purchasing a new vehicle. Environmental factors and high gas prices are the reason that cars should be more efficient. Everyone should do their part and take into consideration, the pollution levels that cars put off and the environment for other generations. Global warming has been an issue for many years. Although there are many contributing to this issue, vehicles are a major cause to global warming. By driving more efficient vehicles, oil imports can be cut, money can be saved, jobs can be created, and it can help with global warming. According to the CAFÉ standards, the technology exists to improve the fuel efficiency standards for new cars and trucks. There are some that will argue that the 1975 Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) program failed to meet its goals of reducing oil imports and gasoline consumption, endangering human lives, and not helping with the global warming issue. Who’s right or wrong, or perhaps they are both right. “The United States spends more than $200,000 per minute on foreign oil that is $13 million per hour” (White, 2004). America burns 8 million barrels of oil every day just to fuel our cars, SUVs, and trucks (White, 2004). America’s dependence on oil is a threat to our environment. The new law, Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) standards, is to regulate the average fuel economy in the vehicles produced by each major automaker (Fairley, 2008). The first CAFÉ standard for cars, in 1984,
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