Motorcycle Efficiency Vs. Car Efficiency

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Motorcycle Efficiency vs. Car Efficiency Our environment is an extremely important part of our world. I have chosen the topic of motorcycles efficiency verse a cars efficiency because I believe that people need to know what they are doing to the environment and be aware of pollution rates that they’re choice of transportation creates. In this paper I will be discussing the importance of my topic and why people should choose a motorcycle over a car. I will be examining how and why motorcycles are more efficient than cars. I will first talk about how they compare to each other in their impact on the environment. I will then move on to talk about the safety of each type of transportation. Third I will talk about the practicality of each vehicle. Finally I will finish off the paper by concluding with a summary of each topic followed by two charts showing the positives and negatives of each vehicle and the benefits it has for families, divorcees, and finally the single and married population. The point of this paper is to make buyers aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both car and motorcycle to help better their understanding of their efficiency and to help them make better decisions in what type of transportation would be a better choice for them. Pollution is a very serious problem that we as humans seem to be facing right now; it is so serious that we are almost frowned upon if we do not shop with the “green” shopping bags. But an even bigger pollution problem we have is the pollution that everyday vehicles produce. Everyday vehicles create so much pollution that car emissions kill 30,000 people each year in the U.S. (Bluejay, 1). That is a lot of people dying from cars pollution. Car companies have tried to make more efficient cars which are called hybrids; these hybrids get more efficient gas mileage which creates less emissions because it

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