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The Story of an Hour Shornora Miller English 125- Introduction to literature Julie Alfaro August 20, 2012 The Story of an Hour The story that I chose to write about is The Story of an Hour. I chose to write about this story because of the tone that was used in it to set the story off. The story to me started off with a tone that was subtle and soft. A tone is described as the mood or attitude reflected in a literary work; it is important in identifying hoe the author approaches a subject and conveys it to readers. So with a tone so soft how can I not be interested in this story? Tell me what women do not like a good love story. So I guess what immediately caught my interest about this particular story is that I believed that it was…show more content…
Mallard and her husband to me seem like she loved him but was not in love with him. The story talks about certain situations that she must live thought like the death of her husband. The reader would think that by hearing the news that Mr. Mallard had been killed, Mrs. Mallard would be upset and hurt, instead she felt liberated and free to live her live as she please. It seems that once she found out that her husband was dead that now she could finally live for herself establish her own identity. Mrs. Mallard cried but it was not tears of sorrow, it was tears of joy. Maybe this was a marriage of convenience instead of a marriage of love. In one part of the story it stated “and yet she had loved him sometimes often she had not. What did it…show more content…
Mallard emerged from the room to greet her sister where "There was a feverish triumph in her eyes, and she carried herself unwittingly like a goddess of Victory." As she walked down the stairs with her sister, Josephine the end was near unbeknownst to anyone. Richards was at the door nethermost of the staircase at which point "Someone was opening the front door with a latchkey." It was Mr. Mallard who was not killed in the railroad accident and had not heard any of what had happened. Richards tried to shield Mrs. Mallard from seeing her husband except it was too late. Once Mrs. Mallard laid eyes on whom she believed to be her late husband she collapsed and died. (Chopin 1894) When the doctor had seen Mrs. Mallard he said “she died of heart disease-of joy that kills." (139) it was assumed that she was so happy her husband was alive and she died from the shock. When in fact were the opposite it was her husband being alive and the thought of giving up her new found freedom and becoming repressed again? The author points out, "She was young, with a fair, calm face, whose lines bespoke repression and even a certain strength."(

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