Mrs. Mallard In Tim O Brien's Story Of An Hour

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I liked this story, though it was very difficult to understand its main idea, but that was what made the story interesting. The story had a couple of twists and turns that made the ending very unobvious. The year that the story was written was 1984 which added interest to the content of the story. And the main character Mrs Mallard was a representation of women at the time period, who felt oppressed by the male-dominant society. And I could not see that at the beginning when I first read the story. After I did some research and read the story several times, I started to get the idea of the story. During the first few paragraphs, I thought Mrs Mallard was very depressed and saddened because of her husband’s accidental death. But she then whispered “Free! Free! Free!”. I did not know why she said that, but I started to think that many this story is more complicated than a woman losing her husband. Then the author started to write about the things that Mrs Mallard saw and felt, in a descriptive and joyful way. That was my clue that maybe Mrs Mallard was actually happy about her husband’s death. That was very surprising to…show more content…
Women are trapped in unhappy marriage but they could not dare to change it. So the story of Mrs Mallard gives us a insight of a woman’s mind, what her real feelings are in contrast with what other people…show more content…
but I could think of a story that I felt something like Mrs Mallard. When I was in elementary school, I always wanted to skip school, and one day I was very sick, it was supposed to be uncomfortable, but I was very happy to be sick because I can skip school. I don’t know if this is an appropriate experience related to the story, but now I understand how emotional twists can happen in such short period of

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