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Marea Wiggins Personal Journal on “Story of an Hour” While reading “Story of an Hour”, it bought about so many different emotions, such as sadness, disappointment, guilt, hurt, and the feeling of being free. When Mrs. Mallard found out about her husband’s death from her sister Josephine and her husband’s friend Richard, Mrs. Mallard couldn’t accept the fact that it was actually her husband who had died. If I was in her position, I really don’t believe that I could get over something so shocking just that easy. The hurt and sorrow would be entirely too much for me to handle. The one moment when Mrs. Mallard was alone in her room really stuck out the most. As the rain was pouring down, she was in her armchair looking out of the window motionless…show more content…
This interpretation was deep, because as I was reading, I could imagine how she was feeling and how they related it to the way the child cries itself to sleep. By the end you could then realize once it was all over, she felt free like she could start living on her own and doing things that she normally wouldn’t do while Mr. Mallard was still alive. The look on her face was nothing less than priceless, when she discovered that her husband had survived. It was almost like she had seen a ghost. All the emotions I was feeling really made it seem like I was actually there, and like I was Mrs. Mallard. It’s always great when you can be able to relate to a story and not only reading. I would have really liked the story way more if it was much longer, but my overall feelings about this story are very strong. I don’t know anybody who experienced anything like this, but I’m pretty sure that it’s people in real life that probably face this type of situation every day. The day that I get married I just hope that neither I nor my spouse would have to go through death or anything else as tragic. After reading the story, I felt almost every emotion that was displayed. I really liked reading this story because not only

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