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Amy Giarrusso Professor Boumarate ENC 1102 January 29,2012 Response to “The Story of an Hour” “The Story of an Hour,” is a short story written about a woman who thinks she lost her husband in a railroad disaster, and later finds out that he is alive and was not in the accident. Throughout the story the narrator uses great visual aids to explain the setting of the story. While reading the story, I was able to picture myself at the home of Mrs. Mallard, mourning the death of Mr. Mallard. In paragraph ten, when the narrator explains how Mrs. Mallard falls to the ground, I became slightly confused. It wasn’t until the second time I read the story that I realized Mrs. Mallard was relieved when she heard the news of her husband` s death. The actions and words Mrs. Mallard portrayed proved this point. The author leaves the reader to almost make a story of their own by leaving out details and allowing the reader to add their own. To prove this, in the beginning of the short story, the reader gets the impression that this woman is going to be extremely upset that her husband has died in a train accident. Her closest friends and family come to her to easily break the news of her husband` s recent death. However, the author does not tell us how their marriage was, or what kind of relationship this couple had. By doing this, the author allows the reader to form their own idea and use their imagination to decide how this Mrs. Mallard is going to react. We see this technique used early into the story and we, as readers, are strung along until we hear the woman utter the words “free, free, free” which really throws the reader off the track they expected was going to happen. The rest of the story begins to twist the story to the exact opposite of what the reader was waiting to have happen. We find out that the woman, who instead of being upset and heart-broken

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