Story of an Hour

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The Story of an Hour Chelsea Boehland Intro to literature Larry Holden (ABG1318K) 5/13/2013 The short story of “A Story of an hour” by Kate Chopin (1894) was about a woman with a heart condition hearing about an accident that took her husbands life. The tone of the story started out sad, you felt for Mrs. Mallard, the horrible sadness you feel when you lost a loved one. But the tone changes as Mrs. Mallard is sitting in her room, staring out the window, thinking to herself. It’s the sudden thrill of freedom in death that she sees. This is where the tone goes from sad to excitement, that she is free to live her life, without I assume her husband. Because of this, I think she over excited herself and her weak heart gave out and passed away. It was at the end of the story that you find out that her husband was really not dead and had came home to find that his wife had died. There was a lot of symbolism in this story. At first “Storm” is used, to show her great sorrow in the time of her loss. “Rain” could also be seen as sadness as she was looking out her window. But then other symbols start to show. The author uses “Spring” and “Summer” as a sign that she is having a rebirth and growing into maturity. Again the sudden realization that she is “free”, free from her husband that she might have not really loved, freedom to live her life the way she wanted to. To her, death has given her a gift by taking her husband. Death has given her absolute freedom in her life, and she wanted to embrace it with open arms. She felt the triumphant victory that was freedom in death and she walked out with her sister, only to find that he husband was not dead. The story tells us that he was away from the accident and didn’t know it happened. He came home to find that his wife had died from her heart disease, She was so overjoyed by what had happened, I’m guessing his
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