Shooting an Elephant Test Correction

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Junxiang Chen Ms. Poindexter-Turk AP Language and Composition April 26, 2015 Shoot an Elephant Test Correction * Orwell’s attitude toward his own position in relation to imperialism is one of: E. ambivalence * The reason why the answer is “E. ambivalence” is because that “As for job I was doing, I hated it more bitterly than I can perhaps make clear”. We have seen that in this sentence, author is really dislike the British Empire, he hate his job as being a soldier in the Burma. But he also want to work for them. So here is kind of contradictory that even though he hates the British Empire, but he still work for them, and these action has reflect the definition of ambivalence. * The reason why I choose “D. antipathy” is because base on the same quote I found in the paragraph 2, he directly blame all the environment he had. He hate the people, hate his imperial country Britain, and he job. So I use to think that since he has such dislike about everything, apathy should be the correct answer. * The speaker’s tone is paragraph 1-3 can best be described as: “E. candid and reflective” * The reason why “E. candid and reflective” is because that he is really candid throughout the essay, he said what is real, not to cover some stuff up or fake anything. He is honest of what he is saying. And also he is reflective because he has use himself as an example to show how much he dislike it, which is a great example to explain why he doesn’t like it. “In a job like that you see the dirty work of empire at close quarters.” * The reason why I choose “C. lugubrious and regretful” is because I’m totally guessing at that time. Well, he is kind of sad about his life by doing the thing he doesn’t like, which is kind of lugubrious. But regretful is totally didn’t make sense, I just don’t know why I choose that first time. * Orwell makes use of
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