Erich Maria Remarque, Pro-War Poetry, And The World Studies Text Book

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Charles Gryder October 10, 2012 Period 3 Essay Final Draft All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, Pro-war poetry, and the World Studies Textbook are all very alike but at the same time very different. All Quiet on the Western Front is strictly anti-war, and describes it as a horrible, disgusting, and terrifying thing and is very slightly biased towards the Germans. Pro-war poetry glorifies war and makes it sound like an honorable, fun, and happy activity, and is biased towards the Allied Forces. The World Studies Textbook seems completely factual, but it shows bias at times towards the Allied Forces. All Quiet on the Western Front, pro-war poetry, and the World Studies Textbook, all contain bias, whether it is apparent or hidden, against the Central Powers, or for the Central powers, and they all are very different in the way that they portray war.…show more content…
He also makes it seem like everything is crumbling around Paul, and destroying all hope of survival and return to normal life for anyone who had experienced the front line. This is very different from pro-war poetry, which makes war seem fun. Something Remarque does either subconsciously or very well, is to make you feel sorry for the German and Central Powers’ soldiers, and to grow a subliminal hate for the allied soldiers, no matter who’s side you came in on. The Textbook also does this well, but in reverse. The Textbook gives off a sense of dislike towards the Central Powers, and made them seem primitive and destructive for no reason. It portrays the Germans as animalistic and cruel. All Quiet on the Western Front is passionately against war, and slightly biased towards the Germans and the Central
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