Shock Of Modern Medicine

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“Shock of the Past for Modern Medicine”, by Roger Lewin The article “Shock of the Past for Modern Medicine” by Roger Lewin discuss the how or if medical conditions and diseases should be treated. The effects of modern medicine have made significant advances in recent history. Doctors and scientists have discovered new treatments and preventive strategies to treat number of illnesses and conditions. The questions lie on whether or not these treatments actually help aid in recovery or if they hinder the progress and evolution of the human species. Lewin talks about a number of conditions that humans commonly suffer from. He believes that human beings and their illnesses are the products of a long evolutionary history. Because of this, Lewin considers modern medicine as deterrence to human evolution and scientists and doctors should combine the idea of evolution and medicine to create revolutionary treatments he calls “Darwinian medicine”. It is difficult to determine whether the concept of Darwinian medicine holds any weight in the medical world. Lewin’s theory suggests infection, trauma, and genetic diseases should be left untreated in order to help the human body fight and respond naturally; doctors should only intervene if necessary. Lewin also states that these symptoms may not be what they seem. Instead of viewing symptoms such as coughs, fevers, and illnesses as a weakness to the human body, Darwinian medicine sees them as a method of evolving. The Darwinian medicine process would allow the body to become stronger and more adaptive to toxins and harmful infections without the help of modern medicine. It is possible that the human body has a natural defense and can heal naturally from infection, trauma, and genetic diseases. The problem is it is difficult to determine which individuals have this capability of healing themselves. Individuals
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