Case Analysis: Sycamore Pharmaceuticals

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Taking in the situation and seeing that “Sycamore Pharmaceuticals to come under fire for promoting its popular rheumatoid arthritis drug, Osteoporin, for the treatment of other diseases like Crohn’s disease and lupus”.(Daft, R.L.) John Blake, a worker of Sycamore Pharmaceuticals, is faced with telling the truth to the Food and Drug Administration or to continue to lie for the company. There are many things I would suggest to John Blake and the first thing would to be honest with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because keeping your morals straight will also look better. It is possible for John to be penalized or he could lose his employment with the company. The Sycamore Pharmaceuticals will get a legal actions called to them for the immoral actions and again Blake may lose his job or at least not receive a bonus at the end of the year. Although the benefits for being honest and informing the FDA about all that he knows about the drug they are promoting should give him a good piece of mind and it will also show people that he is a good and moral person. “Workforce participation is a key feature of public mental health and social inclusion policies across the globe, and often a therapeutic goal in treatment settings”. (Olesen, S. C.,) Together with the mental health that will come from being a good individual Blake should not have a problem getting a new position with a new company if Sycamore Pharmaceuticals decided to let him go or he could just decide to walk out on his own. With the risks as well as the rewards of being honest, there are risks in regards to lying to the FDA. “Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for the protection of the public health by assuring the safety, effectiveness and security of human drugs and biological products through the enforcement of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) and related regulations”.

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