Shifting Perspective Model Essay

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NUR272 Short essay 800 words Intro * What is the shifting perspectives model? It was found that people with chronic illness live in both a sick and well world, this is where The Shifting Perspective Model came into place. The Koala has Claws: applications of the shifting perspective model in research of chronic illness * Shifting Perspectives Model shows living with chronic illness as an on-going, continually shifting process in which people experience a complex dialectic between themselves and their “world.” The Shifting Perspectives Model of Chronic Illness * What case am I applying it to? * Sharon (MS) * Has her good days and bad days Body * Apply model to case. * Refer back to model and how it works * Will need to take points from above ‘about model section * How the model can be applied to any case * How the model supports care (no generalisation or assumptions * Apply Gibbs framework to reflection. * Gibbs reflective cycle * Description - what happened? * Feelings - What were you thinking and feeling? * Evaluation - what was good and bad about the experience? * Description - What sense can you make of the situation? * Conclusion - what else could you have done? * Action Plan - If it arose again, what would you do? The shifting perspectives model is referring to the process a patient undertakes of shifting perspectives. When talking about perspectives the person values, believes, expects, and feels in regards to the experience are what is being referred to. In this model the patients’ perspective may be of either wellness in the foreground or illness in the foreground, this will change in attempt to piece their world together. This may be affected due to factors such as change to treatment, change to living environment, fears and others
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