Sexual Assault In Schools

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Significance; Sexual assault is becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on: “One in every six woman will face some sort of sexual assault in there lives” (Rainn). This means it is guaranteed that everyone knows someone who has been a victim of sexual violence. The list could include a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a aunt, a father, a brother, a grandpa and maybe even you. Anyone can fall victim to sexual violence. Not one gender or race is safe from the dangers of assault: “One in every thirty-three males have been assaulted” (Rainn). Not only is the act of sexual assault distressing enough, but the long term effects take a deep toll on the victims: “94% of women who are raped experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder…show more content…
They are not learning about the severity that their actions may cause. “48 percent of students in grades seventh through twelfth experienced some form of sexual harassment” (Crary). A good education plan must be enforced to ensure the safety of future generations and the current ones. One thing that will be implemented in the new and revised sex education is teaching students the meaning of “No”. The word ”No” can come in many different forms such as; a shake of your head, not responding, walking away, the actual word no,etc. That is crucial part in preventing further sexual assaults. If students are educated on what qualifies as no and the grey area that covers that subject they will be less likely to assault someone. Teach kids self defense classes in which they would learn how to escape an attacker. Abstinence is not the key to sexual education. The facts are most children are already experimenting and trying new things all the time: “By the age of 19, 70% of teens have engaged in sexual intercourse at least once” (Crary). It has been proven that abstinence does not and will never work; “The United States leads the world in teen pregnancy rates. Compared to France, the US numbers are more than tripled” (Jackson). The reason the United States is leading in teen pregnancy rates is because of the abstinence only program taught in schools. France and other countries encourage a healthy sex education class. So, in order to change the statistics, America must change their health education class. The schools should create the idea that the learning environment is open and comfortable to all topics. Educate students about birth control and other safety measures. Learn about what sexual harassment/assault is and the qualifications. Develop the ability to deal with conflicts, particularly for preventing sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and violence. Learn what boundaries are and what body
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