Serial Killer Deviant Behavior

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Serial killers are some of the most feared criminals of all. Books are written about them. Movies are made about them. Careers are built upon them. They are the things that nightmares are made of. The most compelling questions are those examining what makes a serial killer. Where did they come from? Did something happen to them in their childhood to cause such deviant behavior? Is it a genetic mutation? Was there a single trigger event? We search for answers in order to make sense of seemingly incomprehensible acts. We are constantly looking for the “clues,” or the signs, that we can use to identify them before they strike. Since serial killers tend to kill until they are caught, identifying them as quickly as possible is of the…show more content…
Be warned, you may find that you have some of these traits. Not all individuals “cross over.” Most serial killers have a high, psychotic intelligence that makes it difficult for them to be caught, but there are traits that most serial killers seem to have in…show more content…
Dahmer was a Milwaukee serial killer who targeted males of Asian and African descent. His murders involved gruesome scenes of torture, sodomy, dismemberment, necrophilia, and cannibalism. During his childhood he was very interested in the dissection of animals because his father was an analytical chemist. Sometimes he would ride around his neighborhood looking for dead animals to dissect. He also became very reserved and uninterested in hobbies and social interaction between ten and fifteen years old. By the end of high school Dahmer was an alcoholic for life. Dennis Rader, a serial killer known as the BTK (bind, torture, kill) killer, murdered at least 10 victims over the course of 30 years between 1974 and 1991. He seemed to be an upstanding citizen who spent four years in the Air Force, was the president of his church, and a boy-scout troop leader. He, like Son of Sam, taunted the police with letters, photographs and even primary documents relating to his victims. He craved attention in the media and even suggested BTK as a possible nickname. His psychotic behavir showed up in his childhood. As a child he admitted to torturing animals, and he told authorities that he began fantasizing about torture and bondage in elementary

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