Was I Born a Ciminal Essay

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Was I Born a Criminal Abstract Do I look like a criminal? Does my physical attributes reveal my inner desires to commit crime? Are we born criminals or do we learn crime? This paper will reflect on the Biological Theory of crime, and how it is used to determine ones criminal behavior based upon ones physical features. It will also use different studies founded by scientist who believed that criminal activity could be predetermined based upon imbalances in the brain, hormones, as well as influence. In this day and age a person’s physical features would not single them out as a criminal. Instead it may even be considered unusual or strange to believe that a person could be labeled as a criminal for not looking the same as one’s peers. Centuries ago it was perceived that a person’s physical features could characterize them as a criminal. One of the many doctors to introduce the Biological Theory of Crime was Cesare Lombroso. Mr. Lombroso felt that if a person was born with certain physical characteristics that he or she was bound for criminal behavior. Lombroso described criminals as “a retarded species and as ‘individual mutations or natural accidents living among civilized humans”, “distinctive physical features, such as protruding jaws, sloping foreheads, left-handedness, and red hair” ( Fagin 2003) were among some of the top features of his study. Could one imagine what it would be like in this era to be considered a criminal for such physical features? Due to having these physical features ones predisposition for a criminal lifestyle was somewhat automatic. According to Fagin (2003), Lombroso indicated “criminals were born inferior, and pre-human. “Thus, little could be done to prevent such a person from becoming a criminal or to rehabilitate them”. This basically states that if you fell in the category of a criminal based upon certain characteristics

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