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Module 1 On 2nd June 2010 Derek Bird rampaged through the Cumbrian town of Egremont and the surrounding countryside. He killed 12 people and wounded many others (between 11-25 according to different newspaper reports). Using the internet and newspaper reports gather as much information as you can about this incident then using your learning from study of the preceding module answer the following questions. What type of murder did Bird commit? (mass murder, spree murder, serial murder). | Evaluate the criminal act (ie what was the modus operandi, why did he do it?) | Evaluate the specifics of the crime scene (s) | Comprehensive analysis of victim(s) | Description of Offender Characteristics | What is the primary motive for the offence? (sexual, financial, personal, mental disturbance) | What levels of risk did the victims experience? | What level of risk did the murderer take in killing the victims? | What was the sequence of acts before and after the killings? | How long did the acts take to commit? | Where were the crimes committed? | Was the body/bodies moved? | Were the murder site and discovery site the same? | Was the murder organised?( suggesting a killer who carefully selects victims) | Was the murder disorganised? (Suggesting an impulsive, possibly psychotic killer) | Was the crime staged to mislead the police? | What motivations are revealed by details such as;a) Cause of death b) Location of wounds c) Position of body | What racial group did the killer belong to? | What was the gender of the offender? | What was the age range of the offender? | What was the marital status of the offender? | What was the general employment of the offender? | What were the psychological characteristics, beliefs and values of the offender? | What was the offender’s

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