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Sensei Demura Shihan Fumio Demura was of Japanese origins, he was born in September 15, 1938, in Yokohama Japan. At the age of eight, he began studying Kendo. Kendo also known as "the way of the sword" is a modern Japanese sword-fighting based on the original instructions of the samurai. As his skills flourished he began to train under Nakamura Taisabura sensei, who was legendary, in the arts of Kendo. By the age of twelve he trained under Sakagami Ryusho at his dojo in the Tuserumi district of Yokohama in the arts of Kendo and karate. A dedicated student, Shihan Demura trained daily in Martial arts, because of this he was able to achieve high levels of proficiency at a young age. While he was still training under Sakagami sensei's Itosu-Kai dojo, he was acknowledged by Taira Shinken Sensei. Shinken sensei was the master of Okinawan Kobudo. As times passed by, Demura sensei becam knowlegeable in various Ryukyu weapon. This was an ability that he will soon became famous for around the globe and not just Japan. Sensei Demura won the National Kumite title of Japan in 1961, and he was also instructing Karate in Tokyo. But his main interest was to proceed to the United States Of America. In 1963, a martial artist historian, Donn Draegar introduced Shihan Demura to Dan Ivan. Ivan would eventually bring him to the United States as a Karate instructor in 1965. Sensei Demura is considered to be the first to introduce Shito-Ryo Karate and Okinawa Kobudo such as: Sao, Nunchuku, Bo, Tonfa, and Kuma. Some of his achievements includes the prestigious award " Black Belt Hall Of Fame" in 1969 for being the " Karate sensei of he year". And in 1975, he was named " Martial Artist of the Year". During the 1970's and 1980's, he authored several books on Karate and Kobudo for Ohara Publications. When it comes to Karate Magazines, he is famous in them because of his dynamic and

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