Naruto And Rikudo-Sannin

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I see alot of people counting Rikudo-Sannin as a potential villain or even the final Villain or even counting his feats as those of a real shinobi, but i think people are missing the point of Rikudo-Sannin and the reason why he was introduced into the manga. Rikudo-Sannin was thought to be a myth by everyone in the entire naruto world only really Jiriaya and Madara knew the truth and that was after they met Nagato and/or Pain. Jiriaya came to the conclusion that Rikudo-Sannin must be real because of the existance of Nagato and it seems Nagato used his own existance to prove that Rikudo was real as well. But how much of the legend is fact and how much of its fiction? We have stories like Rikudo-Sannin created modern day ninjutsu and was the one who actually made the moon. Now this may be true and Rikudo did make the moon but some how i doubt that the naruto world could exist before their actually was a moon and that Rikudo was able to actually place the moon into orbit around the naruto world. What this instead tells me is that Rikudo-Sannin had fantastical powers that escaped even the imaginations of the people who lived during that time and thus his powers became embelished. It also tells me that Rikudo-Sannin did in-fact face some one during that time that made him get serious enough to use Chibaku Tensi on a higher level then Pain is even using on KN6 or even the one he was going to use on KN8. Kishi is telling us this legend of Rikudo-Sannin in bits in pieces because he is trying to show us what Naruto's going to have to live up to. Rikudo-Sannin was likely the destined child of his time. He brought a revolution to the Ninja world by teaching the foundation of modern day Ninjutsu. This revolution brought about the start of the age of Ninja for better or worse. Why did Rikudo found ninjutsu though? I think its likely to assume that Founding Ninjutsu

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