Sensation and Perception

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Running Head: CRITICAL THINKING RESPONSE PAPER; SENSATION AND PERCEPTION Critical thinking response paper; Sensation and Perception Diego A. Bustos South University - RPB PSY 1001: Introduction Psycology Phil Yeager March 6, 2012 Though much related, perception and sensation plays two different but complementary roles on how human beings interpret their world. Sensation is the process by which human’s sense their environment basically through touch, sight, smell, taste and sound. On the other hand, perception is how this information is interpreted in the brain to thus help an individual to make sense of the environment around (Coon & Mitterer, 2008). In psychology these two are a topic of great discussion and often leaves more questions than answers when it comes to how they work or relate. The human mind is very flexible and will make organs respond to stimuli. This is however ironical since with enough training, it may not certain stimuli, which may just be ignored. This essay seeks to address these issues, where a written literature is employed in coming up with the argument. The essay will give detailed critical response to the information “psychology key concepts” which is a textbook and “Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind and Behavior” a peer reviewed journal. First, the study will briefly give summary of what all the sources agree as the bottom line regarding the issue of sensation and perception. Sensation is a process. It involves how our senses collect information around us and send it to the brain. It is notable that a very large amount of information is sensed at a given time such as temperature, light brightness, sounds, distant car, smell of perfume to mention just a few. Due to this large flow of information, some of the happenings will go unnoticed and include such things as radio
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