Sensory Adaptation and Perception

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ndi Sensory Adaptation & Perception Unit 2 Individual Project Aspects of Psychology: SSCI206-1204B-16 Kandyce Livingston American Intercontinental University Abstract The following essay will discuss sensory adaptation. An explanation of the concepts of sensory adaptation will be provided along with its definition. The essay will also describe the processes and results of three selected experiments or tests as well as provide an explanation as to how sensory adaptation is evident in each of the experiment’s results. Next, the essay will provide a comprehensive look at the sensory systems. This discussion will show how the sensory systems are involved in each of the three experiments performed as well as a discussion of what happens from the receptors to the brain. Lastly, the essay will describe how sensory adaptation id important from an evolutionary perspective. Sensory Adaptation & Perception Introduction - Sensory Adaptation Except in the sense of pain, sensory adaptation is a phenomenon that happens in all senses when receptors change sensitivity to a stimulus. It is also a loss of responsiveness in receptor cells after stimulation has remained unchanged for a period of time (Zimbardo, Johnson, & Hamilton, 2011, pp. 9-10). In simple terms, a stimulus that is not changed over a period of time, like the water temperature in a swimming pool, moves out of a person’s awareness with the exception of extreme intensity and/or pain. When an individual first gets into a swimming pool filled with cold water, their senses and sensory organs receive an initial shock and the individual becomes acutely aware of the cold temperature. However, if the individual remains in the water for a period of time, say thirty minutes, the sensations of cold begin to fade and eventually become unnoticeable to the person. In essence, the sensory organs

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