How Does Erikson Differentiate Guilt From Shame?

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-Documents Summarize the changing nature of families in the United States. Describe the characteristics of strong families. -Erikson Erikson..Autonomy versus Shame and Doubt. How does Erikson differentiate guilt from shame? -Thomas and Chess's work on the concept of temperament Cross-cultural research into temperament has uncovered some differneces between infants. Temperament may vary by it maternal conditioning? -Play The years 2 to 4 have often been referred as the "Play Years"....Play can be social and imaginative....what is the value of play developmentally?How is play crucial to development? -Attachment How do hospitals facilitate attachment ...especially for the neotates who are hospitalized for extended periods…show more content…
The opening sentences can be descriptive, begin with an interesting statistic or a quotation. The introductory sentences will lead the reader to the point of your paper and to a clear thesis statement. This statement clearly tells the reader what your paper is going to cover. Thesis statement An example of a thesis statement: Although people frequently react to stress in harmful ways, there are four positve methods one may use to manage stress effectively. ((2 main ideas: problem/solutions) A writer begins with a broad topic and narrows it down to a manageable size. In other words, you will take the topic and narrow it to specifics. Your thesis statement should make it clear to the reader what you are talking about in a precise manner. Topic sentences You may take your thesis and develop topic sentences from the topics within your statement. The topic sentences should follow a logical sequence. Two to four topic sentences may be necessary to support your theseis statement. Sample topic sentence leads: Stress may be defined as being.... Stress may have many harmful effects on the body... Stress may lead to creative solutions for…show more content…
Reasonable conclusions are made based on supportive statements and detail/research. Review your outline: Introduction, thesis statement, body of paper with supportive research to back up your statements that leads the reader to a logical conclusion. There are many guides to writing papers using the apa format. conclusion The conclusion is the summary end of your paper that leaves the reader with your clear message. Avoid the overused "In summary..." or "In conclusion,..". Rather, you might choose to conclude with your final thoughts, psoe a final question or end with a call for action. When you have finished reading your paper consider these questions: Does my paper have a clear end? Is the conclusion interesting and thought-provoking? Is it convincing? Citing works Consider the following: Have I chosen adequate supportive information to lend support for my statements? Have I backed up my statements with authoritative support? Are my cited works (statistics, research) considered current and authoritative? Have you used peer reviewed journals and authorities in the field? Have I cited my works correctly using apa

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