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Self Reflection Strength: (n) “The quality that allows to deal with problems in a determined and effective way.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Challenge: (transitive verb) “To stimulate especially by presenting difficulties.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Strengths I believe I have as a writer are to be clear and concise. Once I have my thoughts down on paper; I am able to make corrections and be clear to my audience. Challenges I have are to remain on topic. What I have problems with is staying on topic, and not venturing in different directions and getting on an all-new topic. I believe I need to improve my sentence structure. I get my words in the wrong order, or use the wrong words all together. This can make my paper hard to follow. When my sentence structure is in the correct order my paragraphs flow smoother. This allows the reader to follow my topic and stay interested in what I have to write about. If I lose my reader because he or she cannot follow my thought process; I have defeated the purpose of writing my paper. Steps I am going to take to improve my writing skills are to 1. Keep writing. A person can only improve with practice. 2. I will use a grammar check website. I will continue to use Grand Canyon University’s resources: “Turnitin”, and the Student Success Center “Grammar” link. I will continue to quiz myself to have a better understanding about sentence structure and writing. The type of writing I have done in the past is mainly factual papers. I have done a few opinion papers regarding different topics. I do not enjoy opinion papers because I do not believe someone can be graded on their opinion. The paper can be graded grammatically, but people are entitled to their own opinion about a topic. My favorite type of writings is factual. I enjoy doing the research, finding the supporting documentation, and sometimes

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