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UNIVERSITY OF PERPIGNAN VIA DOMITIA Coupes et plans Secret window by David Koepp Study in the Cinematography Work done by: Ouachour Chafaa. Table of Contents 1- Introduction. Overview about the film 2- Representation of domestic life. Description of the entrance scenes The effects used and their importance on the viewers 3- Study of the camera movement. 4- The mise-en-scene. 5- Bibligoraphy. 1- Introduction: Secret Window is a 2004 American psychological thriller film starring Johnny Depp and John Turturro. Secret Window, it pleased to Stephen King's readers, and lovers of American psychological thriller. The love story between Mort and His wife Emy had been ended, and Emy started a new life with her another man who had been present in their mariage. Mort who is a writer seems very disappointed how things happened, and he looses his inspiration of writing, his life changed totally and every body around him recognized his strang new habits. The film was of a more gritty realism than of conventional techniques with bold shooting adaptations enhanced on screen. The film represents an author whose life became worse and worse, and deals with morality and misconception. The architecture and representation of space in this film played an important role to show the emotions of the characters, but also affect the emotions of the viewers, and it's the first objectif of film directors. The way the camera moves to transmit the images and to explore the space has the ability to make the audience feel they are present in the time and place of the story. I tried in this work to analyse some scenes from David Koepp's film Secret Window based on Stephen King's novel "Secret Window, Secret Garden", basically architecture, sound effects and camera movements. Secret Window doesn't contain any poem making closer Mort and writing, in the other hand,

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