Short Film On Planking

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Film analysis based on aspects of production 1. Introduction In this assignment, the aim is to analyze the film “En kort film om Plankning” produced by Delta Film (Erik, Jenny, Jesper and Johanna), in 2006 for Mediateknik A, Södertörns Högskola. The film demonstrates a method of jumping the barriers, so-called ‘bunking’ the tube, at the Stockholm underground in order to get on and ride the tube for free. The film demonstrates the different aspects and the pros and cons behind this ‘bunking’ system by showcasing the ‘bunkers’ (the people jumping the gates), the Stockholm transport staff (SL), onlookers and passengers to get a deeper understanding of why people ‘bunk’ the tube and how others perceive this. Firstly, the analysis will focus on the dramaturgical composition of the film and how the participants (the ‘bunkers’) have been perceived in theory and practice. Secondly, the interview techniques will be examined and how they are used, illustrated and perceived in the film, as well as how visual effects and other techniques are used in the film. Thirdly, the moving picture’s composition will be discussed, and the way the film presents a picture and is edited to present its message to the viewers is also analyzed. Finally, a summary of the findings will be presented. 2. Dramaturgy Dramaturgy is the technique used in the compositions of dramatic or theatrical representation (Encyclopædia Britannica. 2007). In the case of filmmaking, the filmmaker has the task of ‘preparing the text for performance’, i.e. constructing a script or play-write of the film itself. Dramaturgy gives the work or the performance a structure. The film ‘En kort film om plankning’ dramaturgical model and content is based on: 1) a teaser (a prelude); 2) the presentation; 3) the turning point; and finally 4) elaboration. First, a teaser is used to catch the attention of the audience and

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